Comprehensive Evaluations

Services begin with a thorough complimentary phone consultation.   I obtain a written case history and will perform standardized and informal testing, as well as have  extensive discussions about personal and family goals.  A written summary is provided of the evaluation as well as a preliminary treatment plan.  Together we will tailor treatment plans to address specific life goals.

Language Based Therapy

Neurologic impairments can often impact an individual's ability to use language skills, a condition called Aphasia.  This can include deficits in:

  • Verbal Expression
  • Auditory Comprehension
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speech Production
  • Communication

Speech/Language therapy will target life participation and functional interaction in realistic environments with true communication partners.  Evidence based practices are used for all speech and language therapies.  Communication and empowerment are the main goals.

Cognitive Remediation

Brain injuries and neurogenic conditions can also impair an individuals thinking skills, impacting:

  • Attention
  • Information Processing
  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning
  • Memory
  • Social Skills

Cognitive therapy focuses on remediating impaired processes, while training the patient in proven, customized strategies to enhance cognitive functioning.  The goal of cognitive rehab is to overcome obstacles and achieve independence and success in home, community, school, and work activities. 

Group Therapy

After a brain injury, adjustment to the disability can be very difficult.  It is often best to surround the individual with empathetic partners who really understand the challenges, and often these are people with brain injuries themselves.  In group settings, participants not only support one another, but practice their strategies, learn new techniques and connect with others in a safe and supportive atmosphere.  It is often in a group setting where the greatest growth occurs.  

Community Reentry

The ultimate goal of therapy is to return to LIFE.  This program offers the flexibility of community based treatment sessions, including local community outings, workplace or home therapeutic interventions.  Together the patient and the therapist create strategies and tools and then utilize these techniques together in real situations.  The patients feel empowered and independent and are given the opportunity to realize their potential and rebuild their lives.

Family Training

Brain injury does not only impact the individual with the impairment.  The entire family is affected.  This program involves and integrates key family members and friends from the very beginning in order to facilitate understanding of the condition, generalization of techniques to the home environment, and different ways to provide support for the patient.  The family plays an integral role in creating an environment where the patient can continue with their recovery into the future.